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In the Press Release, Flow’s TCI Country Manager, Joann Missick, commented, “Our engineering teams, in collaboration with external partners, have been working over the past several months to deliver a more robust service experience for Flow customers throughout the islands. We are also working closely with our local regulator, the Telecommunications Commission, to investigate the interference produced by network jammers that is impacting approximately 41% of our network. This issue was discovered and reported to the Commission on April 24th, 2024, and is significantly hampering the quality of services to our paying customers.”

The Commission’s response to Flow’s comments is that, on February 27, 2024, the Commission proactively met with the executives from Liberty Latin America, Flow’s parent company, to express the Commission’s concerns about the quality of services in Turks and Caicos. A work schedule was produced for Flow to assess its network, identify issues, and develop a work plan to resolve them and improve its coverage.

During Flow’s assessment, they reported experiencing significant interference to its network in Grand Turk. After reporting the matter to the Commission, our engineering team conducted an investigation and discovered that the prison’s cellphone jammer system was negatively affecting Flow’s mobile network in Grand Turk. As a result of this discovery, we issued a directive to shut down the jammers indefinitely.  Although the Commission is aware that network interference is still present throughout the islands, it can confidently rule out any assertions that current network issues are attributed to the prison’s jammer system as it has been offline. The Commission believes that Flow’s network problems today may be linked to another external transient source, which we are diligently working in collaboration with Flow to identify and resolve. We remain resolute in our commitment to improve the quality of service for every client and urge Flow to speed up the resolution of their network issues as we continue to work together.

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