Made under section 64 (2) (b) of the Telecommunication Ordinance 2004 and
part 2 of the Telecommunication and the Frequency Licensing Regulation 2005

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Guidance Notes

These Guidance Notes listed below have been included to highlight and remind applicants of key requirements that must be satisfied prior to submission of the completed forms. However, note that on the application forms, the instructions given are specific to the licence that is being applied for, and so applicants are advised to take heed.

  • Application forms should be completed in duplicate (2 copies), unless otherwise specified.
  • The last part of the application form is the Declaration, where the applicant affirms the accuracy of the information submitted on the application form by affixing his or her signature. NOTE: The signatures inserted in the Declaration section must be original on all copies of the application forms submitted to the Commission.
  • The completed application form must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee, payable to the TCI Telecommunications Commission.
  • Any additional information that the applicant may wish to provide, which cannot fit into the space provided on the forms, can be attached to the form.
  • Each copy of the application form must have attached the required documentation and any additional information that is being provided
  • The applicant should indicate which, if any, information provided in the application is confidential.
  • It is advisable to include a summary sheet that itemizes all of the documents that are being submitted, including attachments.
  • It is stressed that ALL sections and questions on the application form must be completed, and in the event that certain
    questions do not apply, it is strongly advised that some indication to that effect (such as “Not Applicable ”, “N/A ”) should be given.

Manual Submission Instruction
Send your completed application form to:
Chairman of the Turks and Caicos Islands Telecommunications Commission
P.O. Box 203
872 Business Solutions Building
Leeward Highway, Providenciales
Telephone: 649 946-1900
Fax: 649 946-1119

Notes on completing this Form

General Guidance

  • The Air Navigation (OT) Order 2007 as amended requires that the radio station in an aircraft shall not be operated, whether or not the aircraft is in flight, except in accordance with the conditions of the licence issued in respect of that station.
  • The TCI Telecommunications Commission has been appointed to advise the Minister responsible for telecommunications on the issuance of spectrum licences, including aeronautical radio licences relating to registered aircraft with the TCI Civil Aviations Authority (CAA).
  • Please complete the form clearly in block capitals using black or dark blue ink. Note that your application form will be returned to you if you do not supply all the necessary information and or the correct licence fee.

Section I

  • An Aircraft Licence covers permanently installed transmitting aeronautical radio equipment on a declared Aircraft. The use of approved hand portable aeronautical VHF equipment and emergency transmitting devices such as ELT’s and PLB’s is also covered.
  • Short term aircraft radio licences are available to cover aircrafts where the licence is not required for a full year. The licence will run from the date of the application and cannot be applied for in advance. The minimum period available is one month up to a maximum of 11 months. The fee is calculated on the basis of 1/12 of the annual fee per month. However the minimum fee that can be charged for this licence variation is $15.

Section II

Details of Equipment

  • You must give details of the equipment to be used on the aircraft (including portable equipment) so that it can be confirmed that the equipment has been approved. This licence covers the permanent installation of any transmitting aeronautical radio equipment and the use of hand portable aeronautical VHF equipment on a TCI CAA registered aircraft.
  • The Telecommunications Commission requires that radio equipment and its method of installation into a TCI CAA registered aircraft be approved by the Commission. The licence will be issued to cover the equipment approved and recorded by the TCI Civil Aviation Authority. You should therefore ensure that any changes to the installation are notified to the Commission to provide for continued validity or the re-issue of the licence where appropriate. (Your maintenance provider will be able to assist if unsure.)

Frequency Requested

  • The permanently installed radio shall utilize only those standard national frequencies as approved by ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization). Any other aeronautical frequencies needed for personal or private communication between a base / mobile station should be applied for independently