What do we do for Customers?

Besides the duties outlined above, we are open for business to handle consumer complaints and enquiries. With competition, there is choice for consumers – which company to use, what equipment to buy, what service package to obtain etc. The Commission will provide objective advice to consumers on these choices, and will be there to intervene if a consumer is treated unfairly by any operator. We will also be requiring operators to file information on the quality of services provided, and publishing this information to assist consumers in making informed choices. In addition, we will be requiring the companies to publish a consumer code that will outline consumers’ rights and responsibilities in the area of service availability, billing and quality etc.

How to submit a complaint to the TCI Telecommunications Commission

Here are some examples of types of problems consumer complaint analysts can help you with:

  • Improper termination of your service;
  • Charges on your bill that you believe are incorrect or unauthorized;
  • Customer deposits for services;
  • Poor quality of service;
  • High bill complaints;
  • Problems with delayed connection of service; or problems with back billing, etc.

Filing Your Complaint with the Commission

You may submit a complaint by visiting the TCITC internet home page and completing an online complaint form. You may also file a complaint by telephone, fax or e-mail to

You do not need an attorney to file your Complaint. Individuals having specific legal questions may refer to Telecommunications Ordinance 2004 on our website.


You can save time for yourself and the TCITC staff by providing complete information about your complaint. Before your complaint can be investigated, the staff needs the following information:

  • Your name, street address/or box number, city, county;
  • The name of service provider and account number;
  • The names of company personnel you have talked with;
  • The complete facts of your complaint;
  • The action the service provider took on your complaint;
  • A brief explanation of the solution desired.

Action on Your Complaint

The TCITC staff will review your complaint and discuss the problem with you. Though the TCITC cannot resolve every complaint to the customer’s satisfaction, it does act promptly on complaints and makes every effort to see that they are handled fairly.

Most complaints are resolved in an informal manner through discussions involving the customer, the service provider, and the TCITC staff. However, if these efforts are not satisfactory, our staff can provide you with information on how to obtain further review of your complaint.

Let the TCI Telecommunications Commission Help


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All Consumers are advised to NOTE that the above information is provided to help TCI TELECOM resolve complaints with their service provider. Please attach copies of relevant documents such as contract papers, warranty, receipts, last bill paid, etc. as the case may be. Thank You.

Turks & Caicos Islands Telecommunications Commission
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How to Make a Payment to the TCI Telecommunications Commission

All funds Originating in USD from the United States of America/Other Countries:

Please submit a copy of your deposit slip to TCI Telecommunications Commission as proof of payment by Facsimile (649) 946 ‐1119 or email: info@tcitelecommission.tc

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
FEDWIRE ABA: 021000021

For Further Credit to:

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TCI Telecommunications Commission
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FAQ For Type Approval Certificate

Yes. The application can be downloaded from this website. Be sure to check the website for current application before an application is submitted.

Once the application has been submitted and includes all required information and payment has been confirmed, the certificate should be available between 1‐10 business days.

Presently no local representative is necessary so a foreign agent/manufacture can apply directly to the TCITC.

Because TCITC does not conduct testing of Low Powered Devices, there is no cost. However, there is a charge of USD$500 plus an application fee of USD$500 for a Type Approval Certificate if an agent/manufacturer requests one.

An applicant is required to send a written request to the TCI Telecommunications Commission via email, fax, or post. Documentations should include technical specifications of the device, available test reports and Type Approval Certificate from FCC or Industry Canada. All applications should be submitted in English only.

The TCITC has an informal procedure in place to offer Type Approval Certificates for low power devices to any company that requests an official type approval certificate or letter for the device. When considering an application It is required that the device be certified with an FCC or Industry Canada identification number because laboratory measurements or technical reports on such devices are not perform locally.

The Turks and Caicos Island is in Region 2 in the ITU requirement assignment. However, TCI allows the use of approved devices from the USA and Canada, as the most likely sources of equipment sold here.