Application for Telecommunications License(s)

(Individual and Class Licence)

Made under section 64 (2) (b) of the Telecommunication Ordinance 2004 and part 2 of the
Telecommunication and the Frequency Licensing Regulation 2005.

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Guidance Notes
These Guidance Notes listed below have been included to highlight and remind applicants of key requirements that must be satisfied prior to submission of the completed forms. However, note that on the application forms, the instructions given are specific to the licence that is being applied for, and so applicants are advised to take heed.

  1. An official letter should be addressed to the Chairman of the Commission, describing the full and detail the type of network and or services to be operated and installed within the TCI.
  2. Application forms should be completed in triplicate (3 copies), unless otherwise specified.
  3. The last part of the application form is the Declaration, where the applicant affirms the accuracy of the information submitted on the application form by affixing his or her signature. NOTE: The signatures inserted in the Declaration section must be original on all copies of the application forms submitted to the Commission.
  4. The completed application form must be accompanied by the appropriate application fee, payable to the TCI Telecommunications Commission.( please note the applications fee is nonrefundable)
  5.  Each copy of the application form must have attached the required documentation and any additional information that the applicant may wish to provide, which cannot fit into the space provided on the forms.
  6. The applicant should indicate which, if any, information provided in the application is confidential.
  7. It is advisable to include a summary sheet that itemizes all of the documents that are being submitted, including attachments.
  8.  It is stressed that ALL sections and questions on the application form must be completed, and in the event that certain questions do not apply, it is strongly advised that some indication to that effect (such as “Not Applicable ”, “N/A ”) should be given.