FAQ For Type Approval Certificate

Yes. The application can be downloaded from this website. Be sure to check the website for current application before an application is submitted.

Once the application has been submitted and includes all required information and payment has been confirmed, the certificate should be available between 1‐10 business days.

Presently no local representative is necessary so a foreign agent/manufacture can apply directly to the TCITC.

Because TCITC does not conduct testing of Low Powered Devices, there is no cost. However, there is a charge of USD$500 plus an application fee of USD$500 for a Type Approval Certificate if an agent/manufacturer requests one.

An applicant is required to send a written request to the TCI Telecommunications Commission via email, fax, or post. Documentations should include technical specifications of the device, available test reports and Type Approval Certificate from FCC or Industry Canada. All applications should be submitted in English only.

The TCITC has an informal procedure in place to offer Type Approval Certificates for low power devices to any company that requests an official type approval certificate or letter for the device. When considering an application It is required that the device be certified with an FCC or Industry Canada identification number because laboratory measurements or technical reports on such devices are not perform locally.

The Turks and Caicos Island is in Region 2 in the ITU requirement assignment. However, TCI allows the use of approved devices from the USA and Canada, as the most likely sources of equipment sold here.