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The primary objective of this workshop is to get the regulator and the wider community up-to-date on global Internet Governance challenges, and to demonstrate how the TCI can initiate its path towards developing its economy through Internet Governance.

This event will be carried live via webcast for all interested persons to attend. Online attendees can actively participate in the discussion through the use of the comment module during the question and answer sessions.

Click on the “Watch it live” image to start the webcast.

Click here for event program.

Some of the topics to be discussed are:

· Introduction to Internet Governance
· The Internet Ecosystem
· Global Internet Developments
· DNS and its security
· ccTLD & TLD Management
· RKPI and its relevance
· IP numbering (IPv4 depletions, IPv6 adoption)
· IXPs development
· Cybersecurity
· Net neutrality
· OTTs
· Connecting the next billion…etc

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