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On November 5, 2008, TCT Limited (TCT) filed a formal complaint with the Commission alleging that Cable and Wireless (C & W) had delayed unnecessarily, the provision of wholesale international facilities required by TCT to compete effectively with C & W by adding additional circuits to their connection with the global internet. The circuits to be provided were to be operated by Columbus Networks Ltd., the operator of the undersea cable connecting Turks and Caicos Islands with the rest of the world. TCT sought relief in the form of a fine on C & W equal to the two and a half month’s rental they would have paid for the circuits if they had been provided in a timely way. C & W was asked to respond by November 14, and did not respond until November 19.

On November 24, 2008, TCT filed a further response commenting on the C & W submission, noting that they had not received the C & W letter until November 21.

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Commission Decision Dec 05 08 Complaint from Express Cable Wireless Delays