The Commission has extended the submission filing dates of the Proposed Competition Regulations (the “ConDoc”) as specified below.


The Telecommunications Commission (the “Commission”) launched a consultation process on proposed Telecommunications (Competition) Regulations (the “Proposed Competition Regulations”) on April 19, 2017, which is available on the Commission’s website at In the associated Consultation Document, the Commission invited interested parties to provide comments on the Proposed Competition Regulations by May 19, 2017 and, as necessary, further reply responses by June 2, 2017.

Digicel TCI has asked the Commission for an extension of the filing date for the responses to the Consultation Document to the end of the month of May. In order to provide Digicel and other parties sufficient time to prepare responses to the matters raised in this consultation process, the Commission has decided to extend the submission filing dates as requested. Specifically, the Commission has revised the Initial Response and Reply Response submission dates as follows:

Initial Responses May 31, 2017
Reply Responses June 14, 2017

We strongly encourage persons to participate actively in the consultation process as amended by 4pm each date.